S10 Episode 6: My Actions Speak for Themselves

Well, maybe I’m not into Bethenny this week but I’m obviously into hard boiled eggs! But make sure they don’t touch my two-egg scramble. I seem crazy, no? Clearly I’m not having a good week. Adam, of three years, announces he went on a date that takes me by surprise. But not as surprising as the passive aggressive digs my friend continues to make about me. I see you….

Bethenny can invite whomever the hell she wants to Puerto Rico but could it be that I didn’t express any interest in going because she didn’t express any interest in having me go? I didn’t know she and Dorinda were going until they were already there. While she talks smack about me on the show I’m saying how proud I am of her. Wow….at this point I'm just sitting back like the rest of you, with popcorn, watching this TV character, who I thought was a good friend, continue to take cheap shots. It’s strange that she would say I have no interest in what is going on in Puerto Rico. I was writing checks. I’d asked her many times how things were going. A good friend of mine works with Michael Capponi and I connected her and Bethenny. 

On the other hand, I really don’t give a damn, my actions speak for themselves…I won’t bore you here recounting the endless places I’ve been, the stories I’ve brought back exposing neglect, destruction, and people’s sufferings. I did a story once on the landmine crisis and the head of the campaign went on to win a Noble Peace prize. I’m not bragging, it wasn’t my prize, but I brought attention to a horrible atrocity and a good thing happened as a result. It may not be private planes, cargo ships, and cash cards but it’s something.

I am socially aware and politically active. Even when it is uncomfortable, as you saw last season, when I was part of a large get out the vote campaign for Hillary Clinton. I know, I know I was wrong. Trump won. Sure it didn’t end as I would have liked (understatement) but I remain committed to the idea that good government will bring about good change. I am also grateful to private citizens like Bethenny who step up to fill in the gaping holes. I just don’t understand why she’s fully committed this season to talking about me as though I am a Miss America contestant who banged her prom date. Haahaahaaa………Maybe we’ll find out next week. Pass the popcorn!