S8 Episode 15: If You Can’t Take The Heat…..

As Nietzsche once wrote……”She who stirs the shit, should lick the spoon.”


Someone is talking behind everyone’s back and her name doesn’t start with a, B, C, or…wait a minute, it does start with a D! Who knew! The mother of all things nice is telling BS tales taller than a Dr. Seuss top hat. So apparently all it takes for Jules to scream like a toddler is a little second hand “she said/she said” gossip. Boo-hoo.


Over the past four years my integrity and character have been tested, and questioned. I’ve let dozens of passive aggressive insults roll off my back. (Most recently, the mocking of my age and my earlier profession as a journalist by the two above.) I’ve been called a disgusting, pathetic, middle-aged horny woman by a woman I thought was my friend. I’ve been called a pedophile. I’ve endured insults hurled at people I love. I’ve listened to outright lies told by the cast about my business (remember the ghostwriter story!!!! Whoo hoo!) and about me and my boyfriend (I broke up his relationship!!! Boo hoo!). And now…..drum roll. Dorinda calls me “mean.” Uh, yeah, I'm good.


Wait until you see next week’s show…….it’s amaaaaazing.